Just made my first home made burger. Yeah!

Burger patty:
1) 500g mince beef
2) 1 teaspoon of salt (make sure to adjust according to amount of mince. I forgot and it ended up being a little salty)
3) 1 heaped tablespoon of pepper (lots!)
4) 1 egg, beaten
5) 1 regular onion, chopped fine (Jamie Oliver says 2 medium red onions but I suck at chopping them)
6) Some recipes says garlic, but I didn’t add this time.
7) Some recipes also say herbs. I wonder if thyme is nice. Must experiment next time..

First, fry oinions in oil till soft/caramalised. About 10 mins. Then leave it to cool (i cheated and put it in the freezer for about 2-3 mins). Then mix all of the above together till well mixed. Read later that the more you handle it, the denser it becomes, so it can get dry, will try doing it with a spoon or spatula next time. Divide to portions (about 6), shape into balls, and flatten them to patty shape. Sides might crack so just gentle cup them with hand and shape the sides. Make an indentation in the middle cause the sides shrink when it’s cooked. So sides thicker than middle. Otherwise will end up with burger patty that’s bulging in the middle when cooked. Shrink wrap and put in fridge for about 30 mins – 1 hour so it holds its shape.

Fried it on a pan, bit of oil, put the patties in. Read somewhere I shouldn’t crowd them or it wont cook properly. So about 2 each time in my regular sized pan. Set my timer on 5 mins, and left it to cook in low fire. Meanwhile, toasted freshly bought ciabatta. Yum yum. And sliced some cheddar. Timer went off, flipped burger to the other side. Set timer to another 5 mins. Jamie Oliver says 3-4 mins, I’m thinking at least 4. It did end up looking a bit crisp/burnt, but I kinda like them like that anyway, so all is good. Forgot about my cheese until about 1 min to go! Eeps. Supposed to put them on top about 2 mins before done. Oh well. It still melted okay.

Plonked it on the toasted bread, lettuce and chilli sauce, and nyam nyam nyaaaaaam!!! Juicy, yummy, yummy burger! Yahoo!


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