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Chocolate chip cookies

Got this recipe off this blog – fad about food – and going to try them some time this week. Judging from her post, she sounds like an ideal person to follow! Recipe Unsalted Butter – 150gms Fine Sugar – 100gms Brown Mollases Sugar – 40gms Medium Egg – 1 no (an extra yolk makes … Continue reading


Just made my first home made burger. Yeah! Burger patty: 1) 500g mince beef 2) 1 teaspoon of salt (make sure to adjust according to amount of mince. I forgot and it ended up being a little salty) 3) 1 heaped tablespoon of pepper (lots!) 4) 1 egg, beaten 5) 1 regular onion, chopped fine … Continue reading

Roast chicken legs, before putting it in the oven

Roast Chicken Legs – Easy :)

Here’s a tried & true recipe for roast chicken legs. Easy prep time, and no fuss. Ingredients: Chicken legs (thigh & drumstick) Garlic salt (you can buy this from herb rack at a supermarket, no idea how to make it yourself, salt + garlic?) Pepper Rosemary (optional) Thyme (fresh/dried) Ginger (roughly size of a thumb) … Continue reading

How NOT to make a mango cream pie

Third weekend of pie-making, and started a blog 🙂 I’ve made a cherry pie and a key ordinary lime pie, and there were problems, but they were edible and tasted damn fine. So was wondering what to make next. I want to start with things I love to eat, and learn some baking techniques since … Continue reading

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